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St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Cathedral

This Italian style Roman Catholic Church build in 1879 is located west of Chandra Sekhar Azad Park between Edmondstone Road and Thornhill Road.

All Saints' Cathedral

This magnificent late 19th century gothic style cathedral is located in Canning town Opposite the Junction Railway Station. Designed in 1870 by Sir William Emerson, who also designed the Victoria Memorial in Calcutta, the cathedral is the finest of Allahabad's churches. It is a remarkable example of colonial architecture. The cathedral has some exceptional stained glass panels and the marble altar has intricate inlay work.

Holy Trinity Church

The early 19th century church located on Jawaharlal Nehru Marg is the first church of Allahabad. The church was consecrated by Bishop David Wilson, on 19th February 1841. It contains memorials from the Gwalior campaign (1843) and the mutiny (1857).

Jamuna Church

Built in 1847 by John Freeman, one of the first American Presbyterian missionaries who arrived in Allahabad this Church is yet another example of colonial architectural styles prevalent in the first quarter of the 19th century

All Saints Cathedral

All Saints Cathedral Dedicated to the memory of people of all ages and places who have kept their faith in God. The All Saints Cathedral is one of the finest cathedrals in this part of the country. Designed more than a century ago, by Sir William Emerson, the eminent architect who also designed the Victoria Memorial, Calcutta, the Cathedral has some truly exceptional stained glass murals. It is also called Patthar Girja.

The cathedral built entirely in stone, is perhaps the finest Gothic cathedral in India with its flying balustrades, gargoyles and stained glass windows. It was designed by Sir William Emerson, an eminent English architect, in the 1870's. It is similar in parts to the east end of Canterbury Cathedral. One of the finest cathedrals in India, its stained glass windows and ornately carved alter are over a hundred years old.