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Jhunsi to be developed as tourist destination

In a novel step to boost tourism in one of the suburbs of Allahabad, UP Tourism has taken the initiative to develop the area of Jhunsi. The UP Tourism has sanctioned a plan of Rs 5 crore for the development of this area.

Amit Srivastava(Regional tourist officer) said that Jhunsi has rich tourism potential which is to be exploited . He said that the place having Ulta Kila, Samoodrakoop, Shiv Temple would be spruced up.

Regarding the tourism plain for the development of the Ulta Kila, there would be provision for ropeway from east side of Sangam to Ulta Kila on which Rs 1 crore and 50 lakhs would be spent. Further, there would be construction of waterfall with artificial lighting, water arrangements and drainage inside the Ulta Kila on which another 1 crore and 50 lakh rupees would be spent. The construction of retaining wall, other civil works like renovation of monument, approach road, pavements and landscape would entail expenditure of around Rs 2 crore and 26 lakh, he added.

In olden times Jhunsi was known as Pritshthanpuri a place of mental peace and spiritual healing. The place is replete with ashrams and temples. Once belonging to the rulers of Mauryan, Shunga, Kushana and Gupta periad, the ancient Pritshthana has lost its identity to the modernity of Jhunsi. The only evidence related to this historical fact is still visible in the shape of high mounds in Jhunsi which is spread over an area of about four square miles. These high mounds have further added to the significance of the city as the articles excavated from here belong to the sixth century BC. As per the historians, the site of Kumbh Mela is marked at this place as the earliest culture represented at the site.

Various myths are also associated with Jhunsi. The naming of Jhunsi too has a legend associated with it. It was once ruled by Har-bonga, an imbecile and foolish king in whose reign chaos prevailed every every where. When the cup of his inequity was full there was a upheaval on the earth and the capital Pratishthana was turned upsite down hence known as 'Ulta Kila'.

There was conflagration which completed the destruction of the city and the ruins went by the name of Jhunsi, a burnt town from the Hindi root 'jhulasna'. It is also said that the town was destroyed in an earthquake in 1359 AD as a result of the invocations of saint Ali-Mur-Taza.

There is also the historical Samudrakoop here which has its own story. It is known as Samudrakoop since it belongs to the period of Samudragupta. It is mention worthy that five such wells are found in Ujjain, Mathura, Allahabad, Varanasi and Patalpur. It was dumped with garbage once but the efforts of a sage Dayaram brought its historical importance to limelight.